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Top-Quality Roofing Solutions for Homeowners and Businesses in Meridian, ID, and the surrounding areas.

Do you need a reputable Meridian roofing company?

Bork Roofing is in THE premium quality of roofing companies Meridian provides for all your home and business needs. With superior experience and knowledge in residential and commercial roofing applications, we can handle it all. 

So, whether you need a simple Meridian roof repair, have suffered storm damage to your roof, or have a large project for your home or business, Bork Roofing has you covered.

Our team of Meridian roofing experts has the training and tools to assess your roof’s condition thoroughly. We will then provide you with a comprehensive report, including recommendations on any necessary repairs and preventative measures to keep your roof protected and functional for the life of your roofing system.

At Bork Roofing, we strive to provide the most effective and honest roofing services to all our clients in Meridian, ID, and the surrounding regions so you know what it means for us to be amongst the most trusted roofing companies Meridian has in store. When you call on us – you can trust your home and business are in good hands.

Bork Roofing is one of the top Meridian roofers you could find when it comes to both quality of work and service. We stand behind our work, whether that is .

Explore our website for any roofing services your home or business needs. Or contact us for more information to see how we can help with repairs, maintenance, and installations. Our friendly team members are ready to provide you with a free project quote! Reach out today to find out why you’d be in good hands with the most reliable roofing companies Meridian has to offer. 




Experts In What Meridian Roofing Companies Have To Offer

We understand the need for precise and professional work, especially when it involves your roof system. Our top Meridian roofers at Bork Roofing offer numerous expert roofing services and roof maintenance in Meridian, ID including:

Certified Roof Inspections

Our professionals conduct a comprehensive inspection to assess the state of your roof. Then, we work closely with you to diagnose and identify any roof leaks or material damage you might have to help prolong the life of your roofing system. Contact us for a free estimate today!

Residential Roofing Solutions

Your residential roofing system keeps your home and belongings safe while protecting you and your family. Therefore, it’s critical that your roof is always in top shape. Our trained residential roofers provide exceptional Meridian residential roofing solutions that you’ll love for any size home in Meridian, ID, and the surrounding areas which only goes to show we know what it means to be one of the best and most reliable roofing companies Meridian has.

Custom Roof Repairs

Extreme weather and unforeseen circumstances can cause significant damage to your roofing materials, needing custom roofing repairs. Our Meridian roofing experts have the training, knowledge, and skills to detect and repair even the slightest problems. Let us tackle those minor repairs before they become a bigger problem! 

Routine Roof Maintenance

At Bork Roofing, we offer simple, brief maintenance routines including siding maintenance and repairs that help you get the most out of your roof. Keep your roofing system in top shape and prolong its life with regular professional roof maintenance. 

 Commercial Roofing Services

Sustain your business operations by using professional commercial roofing services from Bork Roofing. Our top Meridian roofers have the training and knowledge to handle roofing tasks for various commercial industries, including grocery stores, hotels, shopping malls, and more.

 Gutter Repairs and Installations

Our roofing contractors in Meridian install seamless gutters, gutter guards, and more to help protect your residential or commercial property from clogs, excess runoff, and more. In addition, our trained experts work closely with you to determine which style of gutter and accessories are best-suited for your property, so you know you’re getting a personal touch from one of the best roofing companies Meridian provides.

 Negotiate With Insurance Adjustors 

Our insurance claim specialists will maximize your insurance claim. This way, we help you keep as much money in your pocket as possible. 

No Hassle


Minor issues can grow into more significant problems for a roofing system, especially if left untreated because you don’t know what to look for.

Here are some tell-tale signs indicating your building needs a professional Meridian roofing contractor.

frownSagging Roof

Sagging or drooping areas can be hiding an undiagnosed water leak. Furthermore, the site under this sag may have visible damage, leading to more costly repairs. Be sure to call us as soon as possible if your roof has any signs of drooping or sagging.

frownLoose Nails

Loose nails in roofing materials can quickly lead to shingle damage. You may have lifted, bent, broken, or missing shingles when nails are loose. This situation is common in locations where changing temperatures affect the natural contraction and expansion of the wood. These changes can cause nails to eventually back out of the wood, resulting in roof blow-offs, wood rot, and more.

frownClogged Gutters

A proper roofing system is only complete with gutter guards to keep debris out. Without these vital elements, the gutters on a roofing system can trap dirt and debris from local vegetation nearby. This organic material can create significant clogs and water dams, leading to costly structural damage if left untreated.

money-mouth Higher Cooling or Heating Costs

Homes and commercial buildings that don’t have an effective roofing system are more vulnerable to temperature changes throughout the year. So, if you suddenly have costly utility bills with a change of seasons, the roof may not be energy efficient. Often, having too much or too little ventilation will cause a spike in your cooling or heating bills.

frown Visible Water Damage

You should always call a professional immediately if you suddenly notice signs of water damage inside your home or office. Instead, call our roofing experts as soon as possible, whether it’s water stains or an existing musty odor. A prompt and thorough inspection can minimize the chances of mold or mildew from excess moisture due to a leak.

cry Loose, Broken, or Missing Shingles

Extreme weather conditions, such as hailstorms and heavy winds, can loosen roof shingles. This situation exposes the underlying roof materials to water and makes them susceptible to rot. So, don’t wait to call a professional if you notice loose or missing shingles on your roof. Otherwise, you risk compromising the integrity of your roofing system and leaving your building vulnerable.

The Meridian weather is not always favorable, unfortunately. The severe weather, like heavy winds and hail, that sometimes occurs can be hazardous to your roofing system. Damage from a hail storm can decrease the life of your roof materials. It can take years to start causing problems, but it’s too late to file an insurance claim by that time. So, if your home or business has experienced a hail storm, whether large or small, schedule a professional roof inspection with one of our roofing contractors ASAP. Our inspections are FREE!

Hail damage can be challenging to detect from the ground. Therefore, your roof should have the eyes of a knowledgeable specialist to diagnose any potential problems from hail. At Bork Roofing, every team member has the necessary training from a licensed insurance adjuster. So, when you have roof damage, our professionals are here to help with the knowledge and training to take on even the most challenging roof repairs in Meridian. Therefore, we can install and repair a full range of residential roofing systems to suit your needs.

Join the many Meridian homeowners who have already discovered why we are the elite roofing contractor in Meridian. We provide all our customers with a workmanship warranty. In addition, we always use the best weather-rated materials on our installations. You can quickly choose from many of shingle styles and colors on our website to make it easier.

smile High-Quality Craftsmanship

Bork Roofing guarantees every client receives top-notch workmanship and 100% customer satisfaction with your roofing project from start to finish.

cool Guaranteed Results You’ll Love

Our trained professionals can handle any roofing design and size for your home or business. From traditional styles to more modern elements, or something in between, no job is too big or small. We treat your Meridian home as if it was our own, so you know you are in good hands as part of the Bork Roofing family.

smile Qualified Professionals

Bork Roofing is your choice for a premium licensed and insured roofing contractor in the Meridian region. Our team of experts can handle any roofing project, from a simple residential repair to a large commercial installation.

smile Superior Customer Service

Our helpful, friendly staff and crew always strive to provide the superior customer service you deserve in a Meridian roofing company. You can count on us to listen to your needs and work closely with you to find the best roofing solutions that fit your lifestyle and budget.

laughing Strength, Durability, and Longevity 

No roof system will last if the materials aren’t strong and durable enough to withstand the elements. So we combine the highest quality craftsmanship with durable, long-lasting products from top manufacturers in the industry for optimal results. This way, your residential or commercial building will have the strongest and most efficient roof system possible, all within your budget.

Choosing Prominent Meridian Roofing Companies

Bork Roofing is the Meridian roofing industry expert you’ve been looking for. Our passionate, dedicated team of professional roofing contractors provides the superior materials and services you deserve for your home or business.

It’s critical that you keep your residential or commercial roof functional with routine maintenance and preventative measures. This way, you can ensure it will stand up to the harsh Meridian weather for years, providing a safe, long-lasting roofing solution.

We offer reliable, cost-effective roofing services to suit your home or business needs while never cutting corners or compromising quality or service. Request a free estimate today and see how Bork Roofing can help you!

Do you know how old your existing roofing system is? Your roof is one of the most significant contributing factors to environmental damage when it’s left without routine maintenance and regular care. Don’t wait until it’s too late for a professional roofing contractor to come to your property. Book your free inspection with Bork Roofing today!

Pro-Tip: Always check a contractors license, insurance, and Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating.

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